About Brick & Feather

Which weighs more a pound of bricks or a pound of feathers?

It's the age old question, and of course the answer is neither weighs more than the other, they both weigh a pound. 

But, think back to the first time you heard this question. We usually get lost in the question because we think of bricks as being these heavy objects while feathers are thought of as being weightless. We stereotype and label. We think it is obvious one is heavier than the other. Then you hear the answer and your perception is changed forever, you have this Aha! moment. You didn't pay attention to the important stuff. 

Every time you represent the Brick & Feather brand it is there to remind you. Remind you to pay attention to the important stuff in life. Remind you to not let anyone else label who YOU are or what YOU can do. Remind you that you can be anything that YOU want to be. 

If we want to be happy and follow our true passions, we need to understand some powerful things in life. We determine what we are capable of. We create our own stories.  We just have to pay attention to the important stuff in life.


Just like the Brick & Feather.