What is the important stuff?

The important stuff in life is often overlooked by many people. To be honest, I haven't paid attention to some of the important stuff almost my entire life, and that's something I don't want another human to fall victim too.

But, what is the important stuff? Obviously, there are many important things and these will vary between every individual. But, the important stuff I am talking about is so small yet it might be the most important. It is how you are going to enjoy this thing called life, and how you are going to pursue happiness. Chances are you truly struggle with paying attention to these. Like 97% of people do, so don't worry you're not alone. It just boils down to are you going to admit it? Or hide it like most.

It is so simple. You ready?

Important Stuff:

1) Understand YOU decide who and what you become in life.

2) DO NOT let anyone else decide who or what you become in life.

3) You can change who you are at ANY point in your life.

4) Be you.

5) Be present.

Important stuff #1: You decide who and what you become in life

The mind is so incredibly powerful, but you don't truly believe its powers until you experience it. Yet, at the same time you won't experience it until you truly 100% believe that what you want to happen, will happen. It is so weird that sometimes throughout my life I would think I can't get that job, I can't get that girl, I can't hang with that group of friends, I can't afford something like that. And guess what...I didn't get any of what I told myself I couldn't get.

You know what I did get? Everything I told myself I could get. My mind found a way, some how some way to achieve and get everything I told myself I could get. It is just a matter of changing the narrative and asking yourself, how can I become who I want to be and get exactly what I want in life?

The difference between your abilities and the richest man/woman in the worlds abilities (however you define rich) is NOTHING. And if you don't believe that is true, you're already not paying attention to Important stuff #1.

Important stuff #2: Do not let anyone else decide who and what you become in life

This is what the Brick & Feather brand is all about. A label trying to get rid of labels. Don't give someone else the power to control what you do with your life. This is YOUR life, YOUR ONLY life. This might be the worst thing you can do but it is definitely the hardest thing to not do because we do this subconsciously.

This takes some serious diving into why exactly you came up with every decision of every day. It's not as superficial as you think.

Free yourself from caring what anyone's opinion is on what you do with your life.

Important stuff #3: You can change who you are at any time in your life

Like I said, this is your life. No one else's. I come from section 8 housing, struggles throughout my entire life; sometimes if there was food at home, sometimes seeing others physically and mentally hurt, sometimes carrying around a knife to protect myself from neighborhood groups that loved to mess with me.

I come from an environment that was rough. But I didn't let that shape who I became. I bounced around house to house with different family members and fought every day to not become a product of my environment. Most people that know me now don't know a thing about this and would never guess it if they weren't there struggling with me. Through it all I graduated top of my high school class and then on to getting a bachelors degree, working as an EMT and providing for that exact community, and so much more.

I decided that at a young age I was gonna be different. I was lucky I had a different thought process so young. So now let's inspire the youth that they can do the same thing at ANY age.

Let's inspire even the older generations. If you finally figure out what you've been doing your entire life was for other people and making safe decisions to avoid others negative opinions at the age of 60 (which I pray you do if you are), screw it and do exactly what YOU want for the last 20-40 years of your life.

Do whatever it is you always wanted to do but never did because of fear, trust me it'll be worth it. One day of happiness will be worth more than a lifetime of being miserable because you lived your life for others.

Important stuff #4: Be you

Being your authentic self without any worries of others opinions is the truest form of freedom. When you are completely free from that worry is when you can enjoy life to the fullest. You will experience the most fulfilling life. It is almost a feeling I can't quite explain. It's why the bad boy personality is so desirable. It isn't because they do bad things, it's because they are who they are and do what they want with no fear of what others opinions will be.

Most people that are authentically themselves, you know exactly who they are. You gravitate to them. You love talking to them, you love being around them. They just have some trait or something about them that you want in your life but you just can't explain what it is.

Be you, the unforgiving you.

Important stuff #5: Be present

This is a surprisingly difficult one, and once again because we are not really conscious we are not present. We distract ourselves with our phones of course, especially with my generation. But I mean much deeper than that. Why is your mind speaking when someone else is speaking to you?

What I ask all the time when I can tell someone isn't being present with me is; You're listening, but are you listening? Your presence is the number one thing you can give to someone to create connections with other people and yourself.

It is the best way to understand who we are and who other people really are. It is how we show interest in others because our presence leads to diving deeper and asking more questions.

So next time stay out of your head when someone is talking to you, don't ask yourself questions in your head when someone is talking to you. They know you aren't present.

But also when you are alone, stay out of your head and stay in the present world. When it's raining outside go outside and walk in it. Feel the rain hitting you. Feel your breathe. Feel what it's like to be a kid again and be in the present moment, not thinking about the fears of tomorrow and the sorrows of yesterday.

- Be just like the Brick & Feather


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